Why Should You Consider the Pacific Cross Visa Friendly Plan
If you plan on traveling to Thailand over this period you should know that insurance against COVID-19 is a mandatory requirement. Non-Thai citizens traveling to Thailand for work or retirement need a long term comprehensive plan to meet the requirements of their visa and the Certificate of Entry. Travel Insurance Plans are not suitable for persons planning to stay long term in Thailand. The Pacific Cross Visa Friendly Plan has been designed for Thai residents and non-Thai citizens planning to work or retire in Thailand. (Policy renewability is up to age 99 years of age)
Is the Visa Friendly Plan right for me?
The Pacific Cross Visa Friendly Plan provides cover for COVID-19 as well as medical expenses for other illnesses & accidents up to 100,000 USD. The policy period is for a minimum period of 12 months. Inpatient and outpatient treatment is cashless if you’re admitted as a patient in the Pacific Cross hospital network. A 14-day waiting period on COVID-19 exists from the time the policy starts or the insured enters the country. Cover for motorcycle accidents and emergency medical treatment outside of Thailand is provided for trips of 6 months or less. Several deductible options (300K, 200K, 100K, 40K, and 20K) are available to reduce the cost of the premium. A paper based application is required (Please allow approx 14 days for the application process).
What’s the difference between the Visa Friendly Plan and the Travel Insurance options?
The Pacific Cross Visa Friendly Plan is the best option if you are 1-75 years of age and coming to Thailand for:
  • Work (Immigrant “B” visa)
  • Retirement (O-A or O-X visas)
  • Non-immigrant “O” visa
For these visa types, a renewable comprehensive insurance plan is necessary to meet the requirements of your visa and the certificate of entry.
However, if you are traveling to Thailand as a tourist and staying less than 12 months then AXA Sawasdee Plan is better option.
Key Features
  • Meets the minimum 100,000 USD health insurance requirement 
  • 24 Hours Worldwide Emergency Treatment Coverage
  • Ability to renew up to age 99 years
  • Your choice of Discount Options
  • Substandard Risks Considered
  • Covers COVID-19
Visa Friendly Plans

The following table shows indicative the pricing. There are several deductible options (300K, 200K, 100K, 40K, and 20K) available which can reduce the premium by 50%, 40%, 32.5%, 20%  and 15% respectively).  Note: A deductible is an amount you agree to pay in the event of a claim before the insurance company pays for any treatment.   *Correct as of Sept 2021*

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